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Mister Antony

Brand: Mister Antony Model: A-CAP01
Made from superior quality wrinkle-resistant oxford weave polyester fabric with a matt finish.All body seams taped & sealed -100% waterproof guaranteed. Unique new features never before incorporated into any bandsman’s raincape. Non-slip patch, special pockets for storing hat & drumsticks, s..
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Standard Cape Standard Cape
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Brand: Mister Antony Model: A-CAP02
Made by Mister Anthony and worn by Pipe Bands, Kiltwearers , Dogwalkers, Hillwalkers, for Ceremonial Occasions & other niche market users.Unique double layered protection & freedom of arm movement. Versatile, perfect for all outdoor occasions With Matching Pouch & Detachable Hood as..
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Brand: Mister Antony Model: H-ABS05
The BandSpec Bagpipe Accessory Box is the ideal storage box for storing your essential accessories, keeping your bagpipe case organised.Perfect size:Made to fit in any standard size bagpipe case.Tidy:Helps keep your bagpipe case tidy and organised. Custom fitting:Internal removable spacers enables ..
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Brand: Mister Antony Model: H-ABS02
The BandSpec Chanter Reed Box is used for protected transportation of up to 6 piper chanter reeds.Plastic Box with Foam inserts.The price is for the Reed Box only (without chanter reeds)...
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Brand: Mister Antony Model: H-ABS04
The BANDSPEC REEDFiX Tool will help you to revive your old or worn-out bagpipe chanter reeds. It will also help to tweak any pipe chanter reed that might be too weak or that sounds squeaky.It's simple to use and will save you money! The REEDFiX comes in a protective plastic tube for safe storag..
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Brand: Mister Antony Model: H-ABS06
The BandSpec Split-Brush bagpipe cleaning brush set comes with two types of brushes to enable the cleaning and drying of your bagpipe drones. The Split-Brush set is neatly packed and protected within the tube packaging, keeping the brushes clean when not in use.Save space:The unique split-brush ..
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