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Brand: R.G. Hardie Model: H-A30EAR04
Pipe Band Plugs® provide high-quality hearing protection reducing noise levels and harmful frequencies whilst maintaining clarity of sound. Pipe Band Plugs® are re-usable, soft, comfortable and simple to fit with transparent silicone fins and an integrated high fidelity filter membrane. Mini..
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3D Printed Drone Extenders 3D Printed Drone Extenders
Brand: R.G. Hardie Model: H-RD00EXT01
Using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, R.G. Hardie & Co. drone extenders change the effective length of standard pitch drone reeds to play in the key of B flat (466hz).The set includes a bass and two tenor drone extenders. The drone reed fits into the extender, which in turn, is inserted..
Ex Tax:£20.83
Brand: R.G. Hardie Model: H-A01POL02
New R.G. Hardie & Co. Bagpipe Metal Polish and Sealant gives a lustrous shine and provides ongoing protection against atmospheric corrosion - but, unlike many metal polishes, it is non-abrasive, doesn't contain ammonia and does not damage the metal or the wood. It is available in 50ml bottl..
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Brand: R.G. Hardie Model: V-DMBK
Top quality Military Doublet in 19oz wool barathea, made at our tailoring workshop in Glasgow.Decorated with Scottish and soutache braid, this doublet has less ornamentation than a Guards doublet which reflects in the price. The doublet comes complete with thistle buttons and shoulder shells. &n..
Ex Tax:£412.50
Brand: R.G. Hardie Model: G-GLENS
R.G. Hardie provide premium quality black wool glengarries to pipe bands worldwide. The glengarry come complete with red bobble. We carry a large stock of glengarries in all sizes. The measurement should be taken round the head where the bottom of the hat will sit, this is not the largest part ..
Ex Tax:£41.25
Brand: R.G. Hardie Model: H-PCASE07
THE ULTIMATE FLIGHT CASE FOR BAGPIPES.The Piper Flight Case is a lightweight trolley and back-pack case designed to take bagpipes as hand luggage on airlines.The case provides excellent protection with a reinforced padded lightweight shell as well as a specially designed pocket for the bagpipe’s dro..
Ex Tax:£100.00
Brand: R.G. Hardie Model: H-RGHP00
R. G. Hardie Precision Made Acetal Bagpipes.  Cost effective, easy to maintain and designed to last the test of time. Made to the same internal bore specification as our blackwood bagpipes to produce a full, rich resonant sound.Acetal is among the strongest and stiffest of all thermoplasti..
Ex Tax:£400.00
Brand: R.G. Hardie Model: H-RGHP01
R.G. Hardie Precision Made Acetal Bagpipes.  Cost effective, easy to maintain and designed to last the test of time. Made to the same internal bore specification as our blackwood bagpipes to produce a full, rich resonant sound. Acetal is among the strongest and stiffest of all thermop..
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Brand: R.G. Hardie Model: H-A06SS04
Flexi tube and end cap for the split stock water trap. The tube collects excess moisture which can be poured out by removing the blowpipe from the bagpipes. As the stock splits in two the tube can be removed when seasoning a leather pipe bag. The split stock can be fitted to any pipe bag however..
Ex Tax:£14.58
The Heritage Piper Cover - Black/Gold The Heritage Piper Cover - Black/Gold
Brand: R.G. Hardie Model: H-PCOV9BG
Introducing our brand new Heritage Piper Covers. As part of our Heritage range, these covers feature a classy and sleek new Heritage braid to compliment your bagpipe. The Heritage Piper Cover is constructed using a weather resistant breathable bonded fabric with a fleece lining that repels water and..
Ex Tax:£60.00
Brand: R.G. Hardie Model: T-KCMT08M
As with all our kilts, this garment is Made in Scotland by our own highly-trained kilt makers. They are fully canvas lined with 3 buckles to ensure an excellent fit. The kilt is machine stitched and hand finished from 8 yards 13oz. worsted wool, available in our full range of tartans from Lochcarro..
Ex Tax:£300.00
Twist-Trap Goose Pipes Twist-Trap Goose Pipes
Brand: R.G. Hardie Model: H-RGHPG
Introducing Twist-Trap Goose Pipes, the ideal starter instrument to progress from the practice chanter to the Highland Bagpipes. Goose Pipes differ from Highland Bagpipes in that they use a practice chanter to produce the sound and they don’t have drones. They require much less pressure to play, com..
Ex Tax:£162.50
Brand: R.G. Hardie Model: H-RGHTP01
Twist-Trap Practice Pipes are a set of mouth blown smallpipes incorporating a long practice chanter and two drones. They produce a softer more mellow tone in comparison to the Highland Bagpipes and pitch in the key of A (440Hz), a general tuning standard for many musical instruments. They are fun to..
Ex Tax:£375.00
Brand: R.G. Hardie Model: H-BP02A
The AdjustiStick is a precision made blowpipe that extends from 8 inches to 12 inches allowing the player to extend the blowpipe to the preferred length for a more comfortable playing position. It has a number of component parts with which you should become familiar: Integral valve assembly:- un..
Ex Tax:£56.25
Brand: R.G. Hardie Model: H-A04BO02
Piper Range Bagpipe Wood Oil is an essential, top quality, wood treatment to preserve and protect bagpipes. A well maintained bagpipe will last for decades and regularly oiling your blackwood bagpipes helps to prevent cracking, warping and damage caused by moisture and temperature. This carefully se..
Ex Tax:£6.25
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