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Andante Bottom Snare Wire
Andante external bottom snare wire ..
Ex Tax: £16.00
Andante Drum Key
5mm drum key for Andante drums. Suitable for the reactor range and Andante tenor & bass ..
Ex Tax: £6.25
Andante Reactor Top Snare Wire
Andante reactor internal top snare. ..
Ex Tax: £16.00
Andante Torque Limiter Key
Torque limiter drum key from Andante, pre-set to give the optimum pitch from your Cortec head on ..
Ex Tax: £107.25
Pearl Bottom Snare Wire
Pearl external bottom snare wires, suitable for the FFXPB range of drums. ..
Ex Tax: £10.32
Pearl High Tension Drum Key
Chrome plated Pearl High Tension Drum Key...
Ex Tax: £12.50
Pearl Top Snare Wire
Pearl 28 strand internal top snare wire, suitable for the FFXPB range of drums. ..
Ex Tax: £15.80
Premier External Bottom Snare [0678]
Premier external bottom snare wire, suitable for the HTS 200,700 and 800, as well as the 350 and ..
Ex Tax: £9.00
Premier High Tension Drum Key
Drum key specifically designed for the Premier ranger of high tension drums. ..
Ex Tax: £5.25
Premier Internal Top Snare [0677]
Premier Internal Top Snare wire  for the HTS range of drums. ..
Ex Tax: £9.75
Premier Knurled Nuts 4pk.
Premier Knurled Height Adjustment Nuts for the HTS range. ..
Ex Tax: £3.33
Premier Tension Bolt 6pk.[044190C]
Premier Tension Bolt for the HTS range. Pack of 6. ..
Ex Tax: £9.00
Premier Suspension Ring
Premier Suspension Ring for the HTS700, in Silver Powder Coat, (700/09) ..
Ex Tax: £8.33
QT20 Ear Protection
Bagpipes and snare drums reach a sound level of 110-120 decibels therefore it is very important t..
Ex Tax: £8.33
R.G. Hardie Drum Tuning Aid
The R.G. Hardie Drum Tuning Aid has been designed to help get your snare drum head level. ..
Ex Tax: £16.25
AHEAD Custom Moulded Ear Plugs
With this innovative new product, it takes just 10 minutes to create your very own custom molded ..
Ex Tax: £20.83
Moulded Ear Plug Lanyards
Designed to be used with the AHEAD customer moulded ear plugs. ..
Ex Tax: £8.33
Premier Intermediate Ring [700/18]
Premier Intermediate Ring (700/18) in Silver Powder Coat, for HTS700 ..
Ex Tax: £6.25
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