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Andante Bass Drum
Bass Features : Lightweightt - The Andante Bass Drum is constructed with four lightweight all..
Ex Tax: £416.24
Andante Bottom Snare Head
14 inch clear snare drum bottom head by Andante ..
Ex Tax: £9.17
Andante Bottom Snare Wire
Andante external bottom snare wire ..
Ex Tax: £16.00
Andante Coretec Drum Skin
The Coretec drum head is laminated from Para-aramide and alternate layers of Polymeric High Densi..
Ex Tax: £32.50
Andante Drum Key
5mm drum key for Andante drums. Suitable for the reactor range and Andante tenor & bass ..
Ex Tax: £6.25
Andante Reactor Snare Drum
Andante Reactor 14in High Tension Snare Drum. Discounts are available on larger orders, pleas..
Ex Tax: £465.61
Andante Reactor Top Snare Wire
Andante reactor internal top snare. ..
Ex Tax: £16.00
Andante Tenor Drum
LIGHTWEIGHT - Andante Tenors are constructed similar to the Bass and are remarkably light. TU..
Ex Tax: £294.29
Andante Torque Limiter Key
Torque limiter drum key from Andante, pre-set to give the optimum pitch from your Cortec head on ..
Ex Tax: £107.25
BATSS Bass Sticks Large
An easy to handle bass beater. made with medium density head with long foam covered handles. ..
Ex Tax: £30.42
Black Leather Drum Sling
Black Leather Drum Sling ..
Ex Tax: £29.17
J. Reid Maxwell Sticks
J Reid Maxwell sticks, model isl-1, by Andante. ..
Ex Tax: £8.75
Pearl Bass Drum
The new style Pearl bass drum. Aluminium tube lugs and wooden hoops. Supplied with Remo smooth wh..
Ex Tax: £500.00
Pearl Bottom Snare Wire
Pearl external bottom snare wires, suitable for the FFXPB range of drums. ..
Ex Tax: £10.32
Pearl FFXPMD1412 Snare Drum
Pearl FFXP Marching Snare Drum. Birch Shell Polishedn Hardware Discounts apply to lar..
Ex Tax: £599.00
Pearl Tenor Drum New Style
Pearl tenor drum, new style with 8 aluminium tube lugs and wooden hoops. ..
Ex Tax: £372.00
Pearl Top Snare Wire
Pearl 28 strand internal top snare wire, suitable for the FFXPB range of drums. ..
Ex Tax: £15.80
Premier 6910 Snare Carrier
Premier's T-bar harness is the original aluminium marching harness and continues to be the standa..
Ex Tax: £200.00
Premier 6911 Bass Carrier
Premier's XL Bass Carrier is the original aluminium marching harness and continues to b..
Ex Tax: £150.83
Premier External Bottom Snare [0678]
Premier external bottom snare wire, suitable for the HTS 200,700 and 800, as well as the 350 and ..
Ex Tax: £9.00
Premier High Tension Drum Key
Drum key specifically designed for the Premier ranger of high tension drums. ..
Ex Tax: £5.25
Premier HTS 800 High Tension Snare Drum
To create the latest HTS pipe band drum Premier has taken the proven DNA of its predecessors and ..
Ex Tax: £564.00
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Premier Internal Top Snare [0677]
Premier Internal Top Snare wire  for the HTS range of drums. ..
Ex Tax: £9.75
Premier Knurled Nuts 4pk.
Premier Knurled Height Adjustment Nuts for the HTS range. ..
Ex Tax: £3.33
Premier Professional Series Bass Drum
The name Premier is synonymous with quality and musicality and they have revolutionised the sound..
Ex Tax: £631.50
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