Moisture Control

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Bottle Water Trap
A simple and cost effective device for removing moisture from the bagpipes. This product is only ..
Ex Tax: £13.33
Bagpipe Chanter Moisture Control System
The Chanter Moisture Control System (CMCS) has been designed to help reduce moisture from your pi..
Ex Tax: £28.00
Bagpipe Drone Moisture Control System
New revised Moisture Control System MCS2 with flexible connector for drone stockand screw adjusta..
Ex Tax: £50.00
Split Stock Water Trap
The split stock water trap comprises a plastic stock, which is in two parts, together with a flex..
Ex Tax: £41.67
Bannatyne Moisture Control System
A silica gel based Moisture Control System that removes unwanted excess moisture from synthetic p..
Ex Tax: £41.67
Ross Moisture Control System
The Ross canister system provides excellent moisture control through drying granules. The amount ..
Ex Tax: £100.00
Trap Dri Moisture Trap
The perfect device for your sheepskin/hide bag. It joins to your existing tube and can slip throu..
Ex Tax: £14.58
Trap Dri Synthetic Bottle System
The Trap Dri Full bottle System is perfect for zip bags featuring a divided tube for easy cleanin..
Ex Tax: £26.67
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