Bass Drums

Bass Drums
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Andante Original Series Bass Drum

The Original Series Bass Drum is built to deliver world class results for pipe band players of all l..

£525.00 Ex Tax: £437.50

Andante Pro Series Bass Drum

The Pro Series Bass Drums are designed in a traditional style which produces a richess of tone, bala..

£625.00 Ex Tax: £520.83

Pearl Bass Drum

This drum offers huge low frequencies with resounding warmth. The 4 ply Maple shells with 1.5” Maple..

£1,025.00 Ex Tax: £854.17

Premier Professional Series Bass Drum 16 weeks

Premier Professional Series Bass Drum

The name Premier is synonymous with quality and musicality and they have revolutionised the sound..

£800.00 Ex Tax: £666.67

Premier Traditional Bass Drum 16 weeks

Premier Traditional Bass Drum

A drum corps needs bass drums with rich, true tone with a musical blend that is full of character..

£600.00 Ex Tax: £500.00