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Practice Chanter Reeds

Model: H-ABS03
BandSpec BLUE Reed AbsorbThe BandSpec BLUE Reed Absorb attaches to the practice chanter reed to soak up moisture that builds up around the practice chanter reed. Along with our Twist-Trap practice chanters this reed absorber enables you to practice for many hours without the reed cutting out.The abs..
Ex Tax:£3.75
Model: H-RPRD02
Pack of 4 Red Practice Chanter Reeds. Synthetic blades that are hand tied to produce a warm mellow practice chanter sound.These reeds are featured in our Twist-Trap Practice Pipes...
Ex Tax:£25.00
Model: H-RPWB02
Pack of 4 synthetic practice chanter reeds, black and white in colour...
Ex Tax:£15.00
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