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Model: H-BP01M
The MaxiStick is a precision made blowpipe available in a range of sizes from 8 inches to 12 inches. It has a large bore to allow maximum airflow into the pipe bag and is available with either an imitation ivory or black projecting mount. The mouthpiece is threaded with a 30TPI thread onto the b..
Ex Tax:£50.00
Brand: R.G. Hardie Model: H-BP02A
The AdjustiStick is a precision made blowpipe that extends from 8 inches to 12 inches allowing the player to extend the blowpipe to the preferred length for a more comfortable playing position. It has a number of component parts with which you should become familiar: Integral valve assembly:- un..
Ex Tax:£56.25
Model: H-BP03F
The FlexiStick is a precision made blowpipe designed to achieve the optimum position of the blowpipe and maximum airflow into the pipe bag. It is made of a series of components to adjust the length and angular position of the blowpipe. It extends from 8 to 12 inches using a locknut and tube asse..
Ex Tax:£66.25
Model: H-MP01P
Made from Delrin this mouthpiece is available in sizes 3.5 to 5.5in. It is suitable for our range of bagpipes and plastic BlowSticks using a 30TPI thread which should also match other makers blowpipes...
Ex Tax:£12.50
Model: H-A16BV
Pack of 6 Rubber Blowpipe Valves. The classic "clack" Valve. A proper seal on the blowpipe is a great help in creating a stable tone and frees a piper to concentrate on fingering rather than blowing...
Ex Tax:£14.13
Brand: R.G. Hardie Model: H-A16BV04
Pack of 6 white rubber integral blowpipe valve suitable for the Twist-Trap Practice Pipes and our range of BlowSticks including the MaxiStick, AdjustiStick and FlexiStick...
Ex Tax:£10.00
Model: H-A20MP
Mouthpiece Protectors Pack of 2 - using food grade quality material they prolong the life of the plastic mouthpiece. We offer 2 sizes with the smaller size fitting a standard bagpipe and MaxiStick mouthpiece, whilst the larger protector fits the oval and round mouthpiece found on the AdjustiStick a..
Ex Tax:£3.75
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